"Maritime Silk Road • Xupu" Folklore Culture and Tourism Festival

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"Maritime Silk Road • Xupu" Folklore Culture and Tourism Festival was staged in March at Fengze District, Quanzhou City. Zhengwu Temple in the District was the venue of the Festival, in which ancient rite of sacrifice and pray to sea was performed. Spectators viewed the grand event of the ancient sacrifice in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. 

On theme of "Showing Charm of Maritime Silk Road • Displaying Attractions of Xupu", the Festival aimed  to building Xupu's cultural tourism as Fengze was then harbor in Quanzhou, the biggest eastern port in the 10th-14th Century. Zhengwu Temple was the sea god temple where people sacrificed. The rite included 3 procedures -- sacrifice and pray to sea, receiving blessings from sea god and flag dance for sea wind. Afterwards there were folklore performances with Southern Fujian Styles.