Fuzhou Tourism Month for 2018 Chinese New Year

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In January 2018, Fuzhou Municipal Commission for Tourism and Development held launching Ceremony on Fuzhou Tourism Month for 2018 Chinese New Year. The Tourism Month on theme of Hot Spring of Chinese Lunar January includes events: thousands of people bathing in hot spring and warming people with hot spring. Ten tourist attractions of hot spring offered 50% off tickets and Fuzhoueses and tourists swarmed to the attractions. The event had its ceremony venue in Yuanmei Hot Spring Garden, and other 9 hot spring attractions, such as Qi Mountain Forest Hot Spring Holiday Village, Xishan Hot Spring Holiday Village and Gui'an Hot Spring Holiday Village, had sub-venue too. The Villages received 16 thousand visits on the ceremony day. 

The Commission delivered tickets for the attractions via Wechat Public Account "Meeting Fuzhou".