The Third "Maritime Silk Road" International Tour Guide Invitational

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The Third "Maritime Silk Road" International Tour Guide Invitational, as main event of the Third "Maritime Silk Road" (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival was over on 14th December. The Invitational invited 4 participants respectively from Australia, Morocco, Brunei and Indonesia and 7 participants from China. The contest includes 3 sectors: displaying charms, tourist attraction guiding and art performance. Centering on "Tourism of Maritime Silk Road", the contestants from home and overseas exerted themselves to compete. Finally, Hu Shishan from Hu'nan Province won the Champion and Lin Lanrong from Fuzhou the 4th.

Beforehand the participants, guided by native guider, visited Fuzhou's tourist attractions, experience its cultures and customs, and savored native delicacies.  They shared their opinions on Fuzhou tourism. The event heightened awareness of "Tourism of Maritime Silk Road".