"Refreshing Fujian • Choice Life" Sharing Session

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"Refreshing Fujian • Choice Life" Sharing Session last week was held at Fuzhou Empark Grand Hotel, ushering in Fujian International Tourism Expo 2017. The session gathered officials from Fujian Provincial Commission of Tourism Development, Chinese Travel Agent Association, 17 Municipal Commissions of Tourism Development, managers from banks, travel agents and airline, tourism suppliers and buyers from China, USA, German, Japan, Korea, Philippine and Monaco, representatives from tourism websites, and art performers.
In the session, Mr. Wu Xiande, the Director of Fujian Provincial Commission of Tourism Development, gave a warm speech to promote Fujian's tourism which Fujian government had positioned as an emerging sectors.
The session was special in content and method: it comprising "Natural Beauty", "Diverse Culture" and "City Impression" of "Refreshing Fujian"; it offering multiple senses of "Refreshing Fujian" by hearing, watching, savoring, smelling, feeling and enjoying. Art performances are wonderful: special performing of whistling with a leaf, folkway acrobat "Tea Fun", Gorgeous Costumes Show. The splendid events gave audiences a deep impression of "Refreshing Fujian" and displayed Fujian's choice life.
The session previewed the highlights of the Expo, which follow it on the next day.