Shage in Joy and Bustle for The Dragon Boat Festival

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The Dragon Boat Festival is the most exciting days in Shage Village, Quanzhou City. Despite of then weather, the regatta of dragon boat goes on. The regatta of Shage dates back to the early 15 Century, so Shage is the village to have the regatta early. In the first place the regatta was in memory of Qu Yuan, and later it evolved to be a part of Mazu Culture, which is its difference. In the Qing Dynasty, it combined the memorializing of Wang Zongxiong, a loyal official of the Qing. Until now, Wang's descendants who live in Taiwan visit to see the event every year.

On the day of the festival, Mazu joss is shouldered by villagers out of her temple and villagers act as assorted gods. They parade around the village for repelling devil and monster. At last the joss is situated on viewing stand to watch the race. There are 2 stages respectively in east and west of the joss, where local operas are performed while the race is ongoing.