Tourism of South Fujian Promoted in South-west China

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In June, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Jinmen, the 4 cities promoted their tourism in south-west China. The promotion group comprised tourism departments from the 4 cities, management company of tourist attraction, travel agents, hotels and airlines. On the theme of “Refreshing Fujian Charming Minnan”, the promotions were done in Guiyang, Qiannanzhou, Nanning and Beihai. The promotion way was the innovated“micro-experiencing”; it focused on “the sea, the cities, maritime silk road, emotion and straits”; dissemination effect was intensified by target marketing; it built the platform of maritime silk road tourism.

The members of the group meantime learnt deep about tourist source market in south-west area, sought for cooperations and developed mutual tourism products.