The 2022 Hong Kong Community Event of "Refreshing Fujian"

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The 2022 Hong Kong Community Event of "Refreshing Fujian" was held on 24th November at D-PARK of Tsuen Wan District. Sponsored by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the event on theme of "Refreshing Fujian" shone for its display of scenery photos, unique tour routes and informative quizzes. It promotes Fujian's world heritages, seaside resorts, rural study tour, maritime leisure and "Blessing" culture. These heightened Hong Kong people's awareness of Fujian's diverse culture and tourism and related products. The gorgeous photos captivated the visitors. Quizzes about Fujian's culture and tourism piqued their interest and drew them to participate. The tourism booklets and maps were delivered. Mr. Xiao Changpei, a deputy director of the department, addressed the event by video. He welcomed the people at all circles to visit Fujian: drinking the tea, exploring Tulou Buildings, taking hot spring bath, sampling local cuisine, enjoy Nanyin music and listening to Fujian's stories. The event intensified people-to-people exchange between Fujian and Hong Kong and publicized "Refreshing Fujian".