The Launching Ceremony of Maiden Tourism Voyage between Pingtan Island and Meizhou Bay of Putian.

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Pingtang last week witnessed the launching ceremony of maiden tourism voyage between Pingtan island and Meizhou Bay of Putian. Mr. Wang Jinfu, the director of Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism attended and addressed the ceremony. He said that Fujian boasts rich resource of maritime tourism; the department is boosting the maritime tourism; the voyage is to materialize the tourism. Mr. Zheng Jianmin, a deputy governor of Fujian province, attended the ceremony.
The voyage takes tourists to tour beach, marine abrasion landform, Mazu Culture and brief and to experience seaside life. For the voyage, the cruiser "Haitan I" shuttles. It can carry 290 passengers and sails 4 hours to its destination.