Tour of Tea Town and Lanes and Alleys

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The tour group of "Tour of Tea Town and Lanes and Alleys" visited Mr. Liu Feng's tea workshop in Wuyi Mountain. As a master of tea making, Mr. Liu told his career of tea making to the group members: having made tea since his teenage, he inherited the making craft and tea breeding from his father and later developed new products. He taught all his craft to those who came for learning. Tea becomes indispensable to his life and tea cup is same to tea drinking. Jianyang Tea Cup is welcome for its special texture as each cup is different from others. The cup was a tribute to the royal in the Song Dynasty. Its producing craft was lost with falling of the dynasty. The craft was regained in 1979 after experiments and tests. Nowadays the cup becomes a household utensil of tea drinker. Heating in kiln is the vital procedure in successful producing. The finished products in kiln are usually less as random factors decides the finished. Electric kiln increased possibility of the finished.
Mr. Chen Naiwen is a master of making the cup. He developed the craft and produced new textures of the cup. The tour group learned much about culture and producing of the cup.