"Happy Chinese New Year", the Evening Gala for the Spring Festival 2022

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"Happy Chinese New Year", the Evening Gala for the Spring Festival 2022 (Fujian), was streamed globally on 29th and 30th January for the coming year of the Tiger. The successful gala was sponsored by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, co-sponsored by China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden, supported by Foreign Affairs Office, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the People's Government of Fujian Province, China, and organized by Song and Dance Theater of Fujian Province.

On themes of "Joy, reunion, peace and endeavor", the dynamic gala for the new year covered singing, dance, instrumental performance, acrobat and puppet show. It started with dance -- "Good Luck to Guests from All Over the World". With elegant melody, the dance with Wushu elements ushered audiences in festive ambiance. "Melody of China" was instrumental performance that represented charm of traditional China. "Nanyin along the Maritime Silk Road" was a symphony of Nanyin, a world cultural heritage, which combined elements of Liyuan Opera, Ballet and western music, displaying its special glamor. "Ripples of Gulangyu Islet" was a piano solo depicting the affectionate linkage between two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The dances with Fujian's characteristics, "Historic Charms of Ancient Residences" and "Tea Aromas and Butterfly Dance", were performed with background of verdant mountains, clear rivers and residences of white walls and black tiles, highlighting Fujian's tourism slogans: "Refreshing Fujian" and "COME TO WHERE FORTUNE SMILES, FUJIAN PROVINCE". The song of "Honors of Ice and Snow" was the longing for winter Olympics. The other wonderful were puppet shows "Happy and Boisterous Spring Festival", opera episode "Real vs Fake Monkey King" and acrobat "Happy and Exalted Mood". The event culminated with mixture of song and dance -- "Community of Common Destiny", feasting audiences' eyes.

As a part with the event of "Happy Chinese New Year" of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the evening gala was broadcast in 120 overseas twin cities, on online platform of China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden, at overseas International Exchange Centers of Fujian Culture, and at overseas cooperative promotion centers for Fujian tourism, conveying greeting of the vibrant Year of the Tiger to our friends around the world, overseas Chinese and compatriots of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau .