Traversing Fire Rite

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Traversing Fire in Luoyuan County

Traversing Fire in fete of Jinshui Temple in Luoyuan County, the Intangible Cultural Heritage, was held at the Lantern Festival, attracting visitors home and overseas.

In Qibu Village, a big and round bonfire was made, 15 meters in diameter and 0.4 meter in height, at the temperature of 300 centigrades. In early morning, the joss of Jinshui Temple was lifted out to parade through village, as the joss was Monk Zichao, who has believers home and overseas. With bangs of firecrackers and cheers of people, the rite of Traversing Fire started. The parade team, comprising 60 persons, shouldered the joss to enter the bonfire yard. The barefoot person who shoulder the joss traverse the bonfire, hailed by spectators, excited by firecracker, gong and drum.

The rite is held every leap year.