Min King Joss Parade in Liangchen Couty

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On 3rd February of Chinese lunar calendar, in Peitian Town, Liangchen, the Min King Joss Parade will be held in memory of Wang Shenzhi; Wang Shenzhi was the Min King in the 9th century who officially developed Fujian. The parade is held once every 13 years. People respectfully invites the Min King Joss out of Taigong Temple to parade by shouldering the joss around. The team of parade, including floats, flags, gong and drum and horses, runs kilometers. While the team passes, each family welcomes him by burning incense and firing firecrackers and prays for peace and fortune. Each village may invites the joss to sojourn for sacrifice. In sacrifice period, the village holds opera show and feast to treat people. The event invites thousands of tourists and photographers. 

Wang Shenzhi was surveillance commissioner of Min (Fujian) in the Tang dynasty and after Tang ended, he was entitled Min King. In his governing of Fujian, he improved the living condition of people and developed economy and agriculture.