Mr. Wu Liguan, the first grade inspector of the Department, inspected Tourism of Yongchun and Youxi

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Mr. Wu Wu Liguan, the first grade inspector of Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and his colleagues last week visited Yongchun and Youxi Counties for inspection of all-for-one tourism and tourist attraction improvement. Local corresponding officials accompanied them in the inspection. In Yongchun, they inspected Beixi Cultural Garden, Yongchun Tourist Center, Dayu Village, Putou Agritourism Park and ancient street, and examined distribution of tourist attractions, data of all-for-one tourism, operation of governmental department for tourism, development of peculiar culture, construction of homestay and improvement of the ancient street.  In Youxi, they inspected its tourist center, e-commerce park, Gu Xin He Resort and Guifeng Village. Mr. Wu pointed out that all-for-one tourism was an effective means to boost the development of local society, culture and environment.