an exhibition of Red Army's slogans

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The Central Soviet Area (Minxi) History Museum in Longyan City recently curated an exhibition of Red Army's slogans in the central Soviet area -- "Red Memory, Revolutionary Treasure". Mr. Fu Qisheng, the Director of Fujian Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, addressed its opening ceremony. In past years, the Administration has attached much importance to the protection of Red Army's slogan. Collaborating with Longyan's related department, it organized investigation, mapping and photographing, videoing and digitalizing for the slogans. They collected 1239 slogans around Longyan and published the book of "Pictured Red Army's Slogans in the Central Soviet Area". The Administration also funded the exhibition. In the exhibition there are selected 200 slogans displayed as well as related relics, covering the content of then policies, battles and politic guidelines. The releasing ceremony of the book was held in the exhibition, and the book was donated to libraries and museums.