Wood-carving Artwork Exhibition

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A Wood-carving Artwork Exhibition was held in August at Fujian Cross-straits Folk Art Gallery of Fuzhou. The exhibition on theme of "Red Memory" gathered 50 more artworks that commemorated revolutionary martyrs, extolled new age and celebrated the National Day. They are figures images, historic events and landscape of revolutionary sites. The carving works were from Putian, Fuzhou and Quanzhou, the cities boasting renown wood-carving craft and products nationwide.
Chinese wood-carving craft dates back 7000 years ago, the late Neolithic Age. A wood-carving fish excavated in Hemudu Sit is the earliest evidence. The craft saw its heyday in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The art of wood carving in Fujian originated from building of temples and carving of joss in the Tang and Song Dynasties.