The Exhibition on the Works of Fujian's Young Sculptors

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The Exhibition on the Works of Fujian's Young Sculptors was curated in August at Fujian Cross-straits Folk Art Gallery of Fuzhou. Its exhibits were works carved by masters and their apprentices, capturing art lovers' great interest. The materials of the works ranged from stone, wood, porcelain to embroidery. The art of sculpture originates from the folk; the spirit of sculptue lies on sculptors; the inheritance of carving craft was handed down by generations. Mr. Xu Yixin, the youngest artist in the exhibition, is the 8th generation inheritor of Sculptor of Xu's Puppet Head. His exhibited work was Number One Scholar and His Wife that were typical roles in traditional puppet show and were usually given to new couples as wedding gift. He is making innovation of the puppet images. Mr. Lin Hang, who was born in a family of sculptor, showed his work of Shoushan Stone Carving -- Goddess Mending the Sky. He carved the work subject to its original shape and work hard to accomplish the sculpture. The curator of the exhibition Mr. Zheng Jiacheng displayed his work of Gaoshan Stone -- Soul of Ancient Lute, which reflected loftiness of ancient musicians. The Call of a Hero, the red wood sculpture, was the work of Mr. Huang Wentao, the master of Chinese Art and Craft. His work displayed a hero dying for his nation.