Sanming Tourism shone in Fujian Tourism Expo 2018

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Sanming Tourism shone in Fujian Tourism Expo 2018 held last week in Fuzhou. Sanming Booth, on theme of "Leisurely Touring Sanming · Chinese Oxygen Bar",  highlighted its competitive tourism products. In the expo the booth offered 50% off for admission tickets of its tourist attractions, such as Taoyuan Cave and Jin'nao Mountain; it showcased tourism and culture-creative products, tour routes and gifts. Jiangle Pounded Tea, folk song and Wood Type Print were demonstrated on-spot. Lottery game also drew crowds of people. Shuttle bus ran from Fuzhou to location of Sanming's tourist attractions, such as Jiulong Pond and Yuhua Cave during the expo.
The booth design contained style of ancient buildings, element of Hakka culture and Chinese green. It gave prominence to the brand of Sanming tourism. It was awarded "The Best Organizer" and "The Most Popular Booth".