"Refreshing Fujian • Pingtan Blue", the promotion of Fujian's tourism

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"Refreshing Fujian • Pingtan Blue", the promotion of Fujian's tourism sponsored by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Management Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, was done last week in Beijing. The promotion received 200 more participants covering officials, travel agents from Fujian and Beijing, and media reporters. Mr. Wu Xiande, the Director General of the department, addressed the promotion: he said Fujian greatly emphasized the combination of tourism and culture. The highlights of the promotion includes followings: cultural celebrities, with deep affection, shared their stories of Fujian tourism; Pingtan was introduced as international tourism island and its close link with Taiwan; art performances on "Refreshing Fujian" were done to display the provincial charm. The promotion boosted the signing of cooperative agreement on tourism between Fujian and Beijing.