Fujian Tourism Expo 2018

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Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center marked the launching of Fujian Tourism Expo 2018 on 30th November, directed by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and held by Fujian Tourism Development Group. Its opening ceremony witnessed the participants from governmental departments, representatives of tourism companies and guilds from home and overseas, e-businesses of tourism, investors and media. 
Mr. Wu Xiande, the Director General of Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, addressed the ceremony. He said that the expo aimed to materialize the 3 goals: increasing tourists, their stay time and consumption; the expo was made to be tourism platform; region-based tourism was developed fully. Afterwards, Mr. Chen Yangbiao, the CEO of Fujian Tourism Development Group, made a speech.
The notable event of the expo was the lauching of "Favorite Fujian Tour", a online tourism platform (website and APP) that were developed by the Group. The platform includes tourist attraction ticket sale, hotel booking, service for group and individual tour, restaurants, handicrafts and tour guide. 
The expo highlighted quality tour and life and offered a marketplace for tourism trade and a place for exchange among tourism companies and organizations. 
The expo had following features: Fujian's charm showcased by tourism plus culture, high-end participants from home and overseas, exhibition together with trade, assorted display, wonderful and more events.