The Fourth Maritime Silk Road (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival

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The Fourth Maritime Silk Road (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival was held grandly on 30th November. Located in Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center, sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Fujian Provincial Government and Fuzhou Municipal Government, the festival marked 1000 more participants including Chinese government officials, officials from foreign embassies or consulates, representative of members of World Tourism Alliance, representatives from twin cities along Maritime Silk Road, foreign and home tourism companies and agents. In the festival,  stories on Fuzhou's history, culture and attractions were told to unroll the charm of the city; it held 3 theme events -- float parading, 2018 Forum on Innovation and Diffusion of Chinese tourism industry, as well as side events -- Day for Twin City along the Road, Fuzhou Hot Spring International Festival and Gourmet Week. 

The Ministry gave full recognition to tourism promotion alliance launched by Fujian.