The 3rd Hiking Through Quanzhou

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The 3rd Hiking Through Quanzhou, the Ancient City on Maritime Silk Road, started on 18th November, receiving 500 more hikers who from home and overseas such as USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Holland. The numbers of hiker was double those in last year,  The hiking had 4 routes: 6km, 15km, 30km and 50km. Mr. Xu is a native and has travelled in many countries, and he was happy to see the event held in his own city. He thought Quanzhou is the nicest place in his multiple destinations. In the shortest route, old people and kids walked slow to enjoy the landscape of the city. The notable group in hikers was the 20-person Hui'an women who wore their special costumes, drawing people's attentions. There were young group wearing Han-ethnic costumes for hiking, and some people doing cosplay. Travel celebrities were invited as guest to lead the hiking.