Promotion of Xiamen Tourism in Cape Town

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"Refreshing Fujian·Enchanting Xiamen," the promotion of Xiamen tourism sponsored by Xiamen Municipal Tourism Development Commission, was staged recently in Cape Town, South Africa. There were over 100 participants in the promotion from governments of the 2 cities, travel agents and media reporters, as well as Consul General of China Consulate in Cape Town.

Xiamen's delegation of the promotion creat "refreshing" atmosphere to make the participants learn about the city in multiple ways: Xiamen's pie, tea and royal candy were offered for them savoring; game of Bo Bing gave them feeling the custom, which climaxed the event. The promotion presented new icons of Xiamen -- the city, Maritime Silk Road, tea, opera and snacks. South Africa participants learned about Gulangyu Isle, red-brick house with south Fujian style, Tulou, hot spring, cruise and motor homes, watched Gezai opera and marionette, and savored meat Zongzi and satay noodle. Tour route between Xiamen - Cape Town was planned to establish and cooperation between Xiamen and South Africa was intensified.