The first "Yongtai Green Tea" Spring Tea Picking Festival

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The first "Yongtai Green Tea" Spring Tea Picking Festival was held on 31st March at Lufeng Tea Garden, Tong'an Town, Yongtai County. Its Opening Ceremony marked officials from the County and heads from related tea associations.

At the Festival, plenty of tourists participated in picking event including sacrifice to tea, tea garden sightseeing, picking tea dance and folk song. Appreciating the performance of tea art and landscape of tea garden, tourists themselves picked and made tea. Yongtai aimed at promoting its tea tourism.

Yongtai boasts long history in tea growing, well-known for its Jiyan Tea of 800 years and Tengshan Tea of 300 years. With extensive 2187 hectares tea garden in which 20 more varieties are grown, it produces yearly 4023 tons green tea, 762 tons oolong tea and 50 tons black tea.