"Refreshing Fujian" Promoted in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

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"Refreshing Fujian" Promoted in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

From 29th March to 8th April, Fujian Friendship Delegation visited Mexico, Brazil and Argentina to promote "Splendid China·Refreshing Fujian." The promotion covered tourism marketing, exchange meetings and photo shows. The 3 countries were targets that Fujian intends to reach in the instruction of Fujian Provincial Government on exerting effect of BRICS Summit. 

The promotion spotlighted Fujian's world cultural and natural heritages, Maritime Silk Road and tea. Local Fujianeses were invited to introduce Fujian. Dance and song of Fujian folk were performed and video of Fujian scenery was played.

The Delegation had exchange meeting with Mexican tourism sector. Photos of Fujian's world cultural and natural heritages was showcased at Chichen Itza, Mexico. The Delegation and with Mexican Merida Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement on tourist exchange, admission to world heritage, development of tour routes and market. 

The Delegation established cooperative relationship with Argentina's Misionius Province.