Tourism Promotion of "Night of Refreshing Fujian"

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Tourism Promotion of "Night of Refreshing Fujian", an event of The 14th Strait Travel Fair, was done on 18th April in Xiamen. Its participants includes officials from tourism departments, members of tourism guild from Mainland and Taiwan and reporters. At the promotion, Fujian's tourist attractions was presented by photo, text and performance. Fujian's tourism boasts 4 world heritages sites, 2 geoparks, 9 tour elements(Tea, Tulou, Trees, Temple, Tie of Maritime Silk Road, Taiwan link, Therma and Multi-culture). Specialty of Fujian's tourism was introduced; the promotion showcased combination of tourism and other sectors, which improved  overall competitive edge of the provincial tourism. 

Its performances were wonderful: 3-D dance of "Refreshing Fujian", Gezai Opera, Singing of "Xiamen Welcomes You" and "Fujian, As You Wish." At its interaction zone, it presented 10 stories of tourism and intangible culture heritages. 

The promotion centered on "Worry-free Tour in Fujian".