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Zhangzhou is a prefecture-level city in Southern Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. Located on the banks of the Jiulong River (Beixi), Zhangzhou borders the cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou to the northeast, Longyan to the northwest and the province of Guangdong (Shantou City) to the Southwest.Zhangzhou is home to 4,809,983 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom those of Longwen and Xiacheng districts are considered as urban. These two districts, together with Longhai and Xiamen, form a metropolitan area that, as of 2010, is home to about 5 million inhabitants.In older English works, its name may appear as Chang-chow or Changchow and in Southeast Asian contexts it appears as Chiang-chew or Chiang Chew from the Hokkien name.

Zhangzhou City, the resident population of 498 million. Located in east longitude 117 ° -118 °, 23.8 ° -25 ° north latitude and between the east near the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan Province across the sea, symbol of the city - town of Granville Court, bordering the Northeast and Quanzhou and Xiamen, Longyan phase northwest, southwest Adjacent to Guangdong's Chaozhou. Zhangzhou City, the vast majority of Han Chinese, but also She, Gaoshan other 21 ethnic minorities. Is the famous hometown Zhangzhou and Taiwan ancestral home of overseas Chinese living abroad, 70 million people in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan's population of 1 / 3 of people in the Ming Qing Dynasty is the ancestral home of Zhangzhou, is overseas, where Taiwanese roots Yezu One.