Refreshing Fujian 清新福建
三明泰宁世界地质公园景点 南平武夷山 宁德太姥山 龙岩古田会议旧址 泉州开元寺 莆田湄洲岛 福州三坊七巷 平潭石碑洋 南靖土楼群 厦门鼓浪屿


Sanming is a prefecture-level city in western Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. It borders Nanping City to the north, Fuzhou City to the east, Quanzhou City to the southeast, Longyan City to the south, and the province of Jiangxi to the west. Sanming lies between Wuyi and Daiyun mountains.
Sanming has four well preserved and protected National Parks. The city was labeled as the most "green" city of the most "green" province in China.
Da Jin Hu, which is the most famous tourist spot in Sanming, is also well known as Taining Gorden Lake Geopark marked by UNESCO. The Geopark is famous for its unique Danxia Landform. The lake situated inside Taining County at the south end of Wuyi Mountain is the major State-level place of scenic beauty with the length of 60-plus kilometres and water area of more than 50 thousand mu.The best tour season of Taining Jinhu Lake is from April to October each year.
Besides, there are quite a number of places of historic interest and scenic beauty which include the State-level Taining Jinhu Lake,Yong-an Taoyuan Cave,Linying Stone Forest,and the provincial level Jiangle Yuhua Cave, Sha Xian Qixian Cave, Ninghua Tian-er Cave and Meilie Ruiyun Mountain in Sanming.The natural reserves in Jiangle Longxi mountain,Xingkou Geshikao, Shaxian Nanmu Forest and Yong-an Tianbao Rock have been well known for the rare animals. The ancient architectural structure in Taining, Shibi Village, the originating place of the Hakkas in Ninghua and the birthplace of Zhu Xi in Youxi have all been noticeable both in China and overseas.