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Guangdong Fort

After 2-year revamping, Guangdong Fort, located in Dongshan Village, Yidu Town, Fuqing City, opened to public in early March. The Fort will be built into a experience zone of ancient heroes.

Guangdong Fort functioned as both residence and military defense. It, built in 1736 by He's family, sits against a slope in middle part of mountain. It is rectangle, 4180 square meters of floor area, 55 meters in width and 76 meters in length. Its walls stand 10 meters in height and 2 meters in thickness, lower part of which were built with blocks of stone. On the stone walls stand clay walls in which windows and shooting holes were made. The holes were small inside and big outside, making watching and shooting easy. Connected corridors were built on top of the clay wall to give defenders easy moving. In front of the Fort, L-shape stone steps lead to its wood-slab gate. On the gate, holes were made to pour water for extinguishing fire that burnt the gate. The Fort contains three blocks of 2-floor house with a back yard and comprises 99 rooms where He's family and kins lived. Weathering almost 300 years, the Fort stood well and defended the attacks of bandits.