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Terrace Rice-flied in Lianghe Town

In Lianghe town, Youxi county, the terrace rice-field covers a big area over 8 villages, stretching ten more kilometers.  Sunset glow casts golden light on the layers of rice-filed which is hugged by green mountains, looking like overlaid pieces of mirror. From the view of mountain foot, the rice-field look like step leading to heaven.  Light changes the scenes of the terrace in morning, at noon and in early evening, and makes them look like oil-paint and ink paints.

The rice-filed is grand in scale and is built on the slopes of high mountain at angle of 15-75 degree. The sizes of the fields vary from less than 1 square meter to hectares. Standing on the top of mountains, you may see the fields blanket on land. The fields are surrounded by forest and enshroud in cloud.  

Photographers gathers in the field. They choose the best standpoint to take the photos of the wonderful landscape.