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Circle-island Sightseeing Bus in Pingtan

Circle-island sightseeing bus ran last week in Pingtan Island. The 2-floor bus with 50 seats started from Haiyu Square. When you sit in the spacious bus, it took you to see picturesque scenery of the island. In bus each stop name was announced in Chinese and English and each tourist attraction was introduced.

Total 6 sightseeing buses ran for the sightseeing. It took 150 minutes to run island circle, going through Beigang Village, Yuyu Village, Beilang Ling, Changjian'ao, Haitan Ancient Town, Tannan Bay and Aoqian Town. Its ticket price is RMB 40 and in pilot running, there were 4 runs everyday -- 9:00, 9:30, 14:00 and 14:30.